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5 Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Maintenance

It’s easy to take our vehicles for granted. After you’ve driven thousands of miles without even the slightest problem, what’s the worst that could happen after your vehicle indicates something might...

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The 10 Emotional Stages You Go Through When Buying a Car

Millions of people buy cars every year across the world. Everyone has their own reasons for buying (or leasing). Some buy because they want to own the latest model, others because their older car is falling apart. But...

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Getting a Cosigner for a Car Loan

Buying a vehicle can be an intimidating process for someone who’s never been through it before. We as salespeople work hard to make it easy to understand, but there is still much that the general public...

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5 Reasons Why You Will Always Remember Your First Car

We forget a lot of things as we age. Yet our first car won’t be one of those things. It’s insane how much we remember about our...

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Smart Car Shopping Tips

One of the largest purchases you are likely to make in your entire lifetime (next to becoming a homeowner) can be buying a new car. There are many factors to consider when making your decision. The following article...

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Check your car trivia knowledge on National Trivia Day – Jan 4th!

Where was the first paved road in the United States located? Detroit, MI Who created the first assembly line? Henry Ford What was the year of the Dodge...

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