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What Was Your First Ford Vehicle?

When Henry Ford invented his first factory assembled Ford back in July 1903, it quickly became the most popular make of car worldwide. Surely, he dreamt of Ford prospering and living a long life, and here we...

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Will Insurance Cover A Ding In My Car Door?

Someone accidentally hit your car door with theirs and now you have a small ding or dent on the side of your car. The esthetic appeal is what bothers you, as it is hard to see without it being pointed out...but...

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Why Your Tires Keep Losing Air!

If you have to keep putting air in one or more of your tires than you most likely have an issue with the tire(s). It is more often than not your tires valve system. This is the mechanism that sticks out of your...

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Why Do Exhaust Pipes Easily Rust?

Have you ever wondered why it always seems that the exhaust pipe on a vehicle is the first to rust, yet the rest of your vehicle remains perfectly fine? There is a reason. You see, your car's exhaust...

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Restarting Your Car Does Not Use More Fuel Than Idling. Here’s Why

It was previously believed that keeping your car idle, instead of restarting your car, is better for your engine. So if cars are waiting in a line, or simply waiting outside for someone to hop in, the car should stay...

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Are You A Secret Car Singer?

Singing in your car might be something every friend knows about you, or, it just might be your little driving secret. There are those who feel comfortable turning up the volume in their car to have a one-person...

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