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What To Do If Your Engine Overheats

You are driving and suddenly a light comes on in your dash and smoke begins to fly out of the hood of your vehicle... Your engine Is overheating, do you know what to do? First, you need to pull...

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Can You Be Fined For Playing Loud Music In Your Car?

As teens, riding around for hours with our music blasting was an actual "thing to do"...that we probably had no clue that playing loud music while driving was potentially dangerous. However, most drivers,...

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Save Lives By Opening Your Car Door Using The Dutch Reach!

When we go to open our car doors we do so with our left hands and this is a very dangerous move. Why you ask? Well, when we open our doors using our left hands we are not taking time to look and see if...

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Feel Empowered: Stop Driving A Car You Don't Love Anymore!

We spend a lot of time in our cars. Approximately 101 minutes a day on average. This time spent should not be within a car you do not love anymore. You may be sitting there reading this, and in the...

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My New Home

Hey everyone, I am here to let everyone know that I have a new home. About 2 months ago, I joined the team at Homer Skelton Ford. I am very excited to be apart of the team here as the Finance Manager! If you...

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Should I Be Putting Expensive Gas In My Car?

As drivers we typically inject our vehicles with "regular" gasoline, unless of course our vehicle is in need of a particular type, like diesel. But have we ever asked ourselves if the more expensive gas would...

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